Vacuum Rotary Drum Dryer

Vacuum Rotary Drum Dryer

We are an leading manufacturer who design and fabricate with latest technology techniques to produce Rotary Vacuum Dryer.

  • 1. Our vacuum rotary dryer works at different temperature.
  • 2. our dryer capacity ranging from 100 litre to 20000 litre volume.
  • 3. rotary type helical ribbon, Paddles, and Special.
  • 4. Drying of heat sensitive low temperature maintain by high vacuum
  • 5. Recovery of solvents almost 100%
  • 6. Heating temperature From 30°C to 300°C. as required


a) Drying cost less than 35% compound to set drying machine

b) Exceptional design of platter leading to opening fabrics

c) Shorter process time design reel speed

d) Inside self cleaning

e) Less longitudinal tension for safety of fabric