Formaldehyde Plant

Formaldehyde Plant

Formaldehyde is an organic chemical having basic uses in core industries.
The basic raw material used in the production of formaldehyde is methanol.
The basic process used for the manufacture of formaldehyde involves oxidation and dehydrogenation of methanol in the presence of silver, which work as catalyst.
Formaldehyde finds its main use in the following industries.
  →  Plastic industry in the manufacture of thermoset compounds like u.f, p.f, & m.f. moulding powder.
  →  Plywood and laminates industries where it is used as the bonding compound.
  →  Pharmaceutical industry where it is used for fumigation.
  →  Explosive industry also uses in bulk.
  →  Basic raw material for hexamine, polyacetal (polyoxymethylene), pentaerythritol, 1, 4, butadeneol, MMA, Pyridine, alpha-picolene, beta-picolene etc.

The plant is designed by us is an automatic plant; as such labor requirement is very small.
The plant as design by us is pollution free since adequate measures are there in plant design.
The total power connected load will be 140 kW. For 80 TPD.
Additional energy (as steam) requirement is only for start – up.
The plant being proposed is continuous process plant.
The total land requirement to put up formaldehyde plant manufacturing facility is 4000 sq.meters.
The plant being proposed is continuous process plant.
No formal government clearance is required for putting up this plant, except for clearance from the department of explosive, which is required for storage of methanol.
The execution of total project can be completed within the period of six month, if finance is no bar.
The formaldehyde market has been growing steadily and booming with the liberalization movement of global industrialization.


Formaldehyde is the oxidation/dehydrogenation product of methanol with oxygen in the presence of silver catalyst. A fixed quantity of methanol and water is introduced into a mixing vessel, from where this mixture is taken into evaporator .Air is also purge introduced into the evaporator. Temperature of evaporator is maintained at 700C, which facilitate the evaporation of mixture. The vapor of mixture is then further heated to 1100C in the super heater and then introduced in reactor where in presence of silver catalyst, the oxidation/dehydrogenation reaction take place at temperature of 650-7000C as per following chemistry:
CH3OH = HCHO + H2 (H = -84 KJ/MOLE)
H2 + ½ O2 = H2O
CH3OH +1/2 O2 = HCHO + H2O (H = +158 KJ/MOLE)


The reaction gas containing formaldehyde, circulating and cooling the formaldehyde solution in absorption column then in circulation tower absorb formaldehyde, unreacted methanol and water vapor. The final product containing 37% formaldehyde, 2-4% unreacted methanol and rest of water send to product tank.