Essential Oil Extraction Plant

Essential Oil Extraction Plant

Essential oil distillation unit is manufactured from stainless steel and glass. It is simple in design, convenient to operate and above all it is portable and can be very easily taken away from one place to the other. In other words the rose oil distillation unit is ideal for the r production of natural essential oils and Hydrosols like rose water, ajowain water from fresh and dried plant materials like leaves, flowers, petals, roots and rhizomes. This is done by process of distillation (water & steam). Steam distillation can also be performed at the normal and slightly higher & lower atmospheric pressure.

Major advantages of our Essential oil distillation unit are as follows:

Since it is portable, it can be easily taken to any place where water and power are available and can also run on agro-waste.

It can be used for demonstration, training and educational purpose in R&D and educational institutes.

It can offer alternative means of employment and income generation for economically backward classes.